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Preparing for the Up-Turn

As we begin our 11th year supporting hotels throughout Ireland the UK to achieve their rooms revenue potential, from a very early stage, here in Great National we realised that whereas what we do works and works very well, growing our client base was in fact constrained by the lack of investment in tech within the…


Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

Looking to the Autumn/Winter season, undoubtedly this will be a difficult and troubling time for the hotel industry. To say that it is unprecedented would be an under-statement. It is reasonably expected that something approaching ‘normal’ trading will return no sooner than Q2 2021 and therefore the next 7 months will pose significant challenges to…


State-sponsored debt forgiveness may be the ‘silver bullet’ that the tourism industry needs

David Collins, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for The Great National Group, suggests that state-sponsored debt forgiveness may be the ‘silver bullet’ that the tourism industry needs as it looks to re-emerge from Covid-19. C19 has brought about lots of restrictions, most are worthy and warranted. The protection of front-line staff is unquestionably, undoubtedly critical…


Faced with the ‘New Normal’

David Collins, Co-Founder of The Great National Group, prescribes some possible responses to the current C19 challenge facing the hotel and tourism industry. Certainty. It’s what companies thrive on and what people depend on. Without knowing where we are in times of crisis, it’s impossible to plan beyond the immediate. The wake of the 2008…


Pricing for BREXIT

David Collins, Co-Founder, Great National Group, looks at ways to get your pricing house in order before BREXIT crash-lands. So the 31st October is looming hard along with an anticipated, almost Biblical readjustment for all concerned. After a sustained period of growth since the last recession, driven largely by cheap money, as well as significant personal…

Nicola Rhone, Chief Commercial Officer

The Great National Group, has announced the appointment of Nicola Rhone, Chief Commercial Officer.